A memoir

Gunja & Baby David

A Life Imagined

What started as a biography of the remarkable life of my exiled grandfather, gradually turned into a reflection on life in general, seen through the lens of my own adoption and my way of coming to terms with the past, the present and the future, having just become a father.

The act and the content of my writing (short stories and diary entries) and use of visuals (photos, illustrations, paintings) is my remedy for life’s paradoxical predicaments, a balm for the soul, a Tonic for the Bones.

Some key subjects

  • Adoption - Identity matters
  • Coming of age - Family matters
  • Moving to London - Love matters
  • The 7/7 experience - Life matters
  • Anxiety & depression - Mind matters
  • Science & The Mystery - Truth matters
  • Art, Literature & Music - Beauty matters
  • Fatherhood & Kinship - Meaning matters
  • God, The War & The Soul - Jewish matters
Max, David, Yaron

My grandfather (1924), me (1981), my son (2018)


Oma Z.David Enker
The Beach
The Man with the HatRené Magritte
dinnerDavid Enker