Some memorable dance moments in film.



5. Haunted dance in Beetlejuice (1988)

As if dancing isn’t already like being possessed.


4. Napoleon Dynamite charity dance (2004)

A funny film with one of the most surprising and hilarious ways of helping out a friend.


3. The Kraftwerk broom dance in Breakin’ (1984)

This is the film that ignited my love for dancing back in the early 80s. A mediocre film at best, but with some electric dance battle scenes, great music including Kraftwerk and The Art of Noise. Some scenes in this film I have seen over a hundred times.


2. Le Notti Bianche / White Nights (1957)

Notice at 3:30 the breakdance 50s-style moves and attitude from the guy that tries to steal the girl and all the attention, and at 4:30 Marcello Mastroianni’s brilliant fightback, including a smooth recovery from a near faceplant. Beautiful film by the way.


1. The Fisher King walz (1991)

One of – if not – THE best movie scene I know of. Robin Williams’ character, heartbroken over a loss, is in love with this oblivious girl, and when he spots her in the crowd of New York’s Grand Central Stations true magic happens. Note the details of the dancers. Terry Gilliam’s finest.