A memoir

Gunja & Baby David

Gunya & me

A collection of short stories and diary entries.
Memories, touched by a tad of imagination and anxiety.

An adoption, throwing off balance the usual equilibrium between nature and nurture, a lost Jewish cry in the family, the quest for purpose and an identity…The musings of a wandering seeker, an eternal critic – but no cynic – oh there’s always room for a beam of light – even in the darkest hours of being stuck deep underground in London on 7/7 with the smell of burnt flesh and metal…It is what it is…

Moving around, rootless, in between Amsterdam, The Hague, London and Haarlem. There is beauty all right… the thin mystery between art, science and religion, disguised as the body, the mind and the soul. Or..the quest for beauty, truth and wisdom… Oh to be alive…! The smell of freshly mowed grass comes to mind…

Recently… becoming a (fatherless) father, what do I have to offer..?

Izzy & Yaron

Izzy & Yaron


Do not be wise in your own eyes;
Fear the Lord and shun evil.
It will be a cure for your body,
A tonic for your bones.


Some excerpts

Oma Z.David Enker
The Beach
The Man with the HatRené Magritte
dinnerDavid Enker