“This baby boy will be a writer or a philosopher”
– Words spoken by my new grandfather upon my adoption in the family

Gunja & Baby David

Stories of life-changing events, a strong dose of curiosity and a case of anxiety demand to be told: Being adopted, coming from a highly unusual family, including a hidden Jewish mystery, miraculously surviving the 7/7 London bombings, and an unquenchable hunger for knowledge, wisdom, beauty and love are just some of the crossroads on my path. Having recently become a father (of a beautiful, funny, now 2 year old boy) ignited a stronger urge than ever before in documenting this unique story.

Over the years I have written, drawn, painted, designed and photographed several works – some in printed form, some digital, and would now like to take these out on a walk. I am looking for an editor to cooperate with and/or a publisher willing to take me on board.

  • Being adopted
  • A lingering anxiety
  • The story of my grandfather Max
  • 7/7 (surviving & overcoming)
  • A fatherless father
  • The search for Beauty, Love, Knowledge and Wisdom

Holland (Amsterdam, The Hague, Haarlem); England (London) and North America (by bus)


Short stories, memoir, diary entries, photographs, paintings, drawings, illustrations, graphic design, books, blog, graphic novel

Do not be wise in your own eyes;
Fear the Lord and shun evil.
It will be a cure for your body,
A tonic for your bones.


Some excerpts

Oma Z.David Enker
The Beach
The Man with the HatRené Magritte
dinnerDavid Enker