TftB – The Book (draft)


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The road to perfection… is paved with badly written stories and rotten proof prints. However a dice has been cast.

Recently I received my 178-pages little (draft) book full of short stories, diary entries & other musings, complete with illustrations and photos.


Ron Arad’s Camden Studio

Fantastic stuff, great guy.

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Noma Bar: Negative Space

Graphical artist Noma Bar (Israel, 1973) has an exhibition till 14 December 2012 in Amsterdam.

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Augmented City 3D

Get your red & blue goggles ready.

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Wim Crouwel

After a retrospective at the Design Museum London, now a home match at the Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam.

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The Amazing Whale Jaw

Took the bus between Haarlem and Schiphol, and passed along Hoofddorp, where there is this remarkable busstop called “The Amazing Whale Jaw” made by NIO architects (from Rotterdam). Read more

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Rietveld Fashion Show 2011

Last Saturday at the Rietveld Academie Amsterdam was the collaboration between Fashion students, Graphic Design and Fine Arts students which had it’s climax in a crossover experience of art, design and fashion, as mentioned in my previous post. Read more