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Moebius Redux

Great documentary about the late Jean Giraud, better known as Moebius, perhaps the biggest genius in the world of European “comics”, reaching well beyond the genre and creating visuals for films like Tron and the Fifth Element… all that accompanied by the alien tunes of former Kraftwerk member Karl Bartos. Read more

Graphic novels Top 10

This is a top 10 of my favourite graphic novels / artists.


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Building Stories

Recently I got the latest Chris Ware, and it is safe to say that this is (yet again) his greatest masterpiece.
More than just a book; you can create your own stories.

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Stripdagen Haarlem 2012

The 2-yearly Stripdagen Haarlem; always fun.

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The Hanuka Twins

Illustrators, comics artists and identical twins Asaf and Tomer from Israel. Tomer now resides in New York. Both are highly productive. Beautiful work.
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Chris Ware

The master of the genre doesn’t look as good online as it does in print, so get your own copies. The “ACME Novelty Library” series are brilliant. Beautiful colours, melancholic, excruciating, and he is a perfectionist in overseeing to make sure the prints look the way he wants them to; in China I believe.

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MVRDV Comics Museum China

Dutch architects MVRDV have just won the competition for the Comic and Animation Museum CCAM in the Eastern Chinese metropolis of Hangzhou.
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Joost Swarte

Comics artist, illustrator, graphic designer, architect, Haarlemmer.
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